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All Out Africa Marine Research Centre

The All Out Africa Marine Research Centre has been studying many of the incredible marine wildlife found in Mozambican waters since 2005 and is well established in the field of marine research in Mozambique. We provide year-round internship and volunteer opportunities, all-inclusive university field trip packages and the facilities and support for student thesis and independent research projects.

Volunteer and Manta Ray
Micro plastic survey

As a volunteer at the Marine Research Centre, you will help carry out the monitoring activities for the project under the guidance of our coordinating project scientists. You will join other volunteers on the project to collect the data via scuba dives, ocean safaris, snorkeling trips and beach walks off the coastline of Tofo in Mozambique. You can expect an excellent diving, snorkeling and beach experience whilst gaining first hand marine research skills and contributing to a worthwhile, conservation-driven project.

Plankton Study
Humpback Whale Monitoring
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