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Whale shark

Brodie is the one of the owners of Tofo Scuba along with Danny. Brodie is a qualified divemaster and a DSD leader. Brodie and Danny also own Tilak Lodge just 600m from Tofo Scuba. Brodie is often found in and around the office and reception at Tofo Scuba dealing with emails and customer inquiries. 


Adamo is a PADI OWSI as well as a Nitrox & EFR Instructor. He was born and raised in Tofo and completed his training through Bitonga Divers. Adamo speaks Bitonga, English and Portuguese and is learning French. He is also a certified Scuba Pro technician.  He is keen to teach his local country men to dive and does regular talks in the community on Marine Conservation. 


Ross is a PADI MSDT with 5 specialities, including Deep and Nitrox, an EFR instructor and a certified Scuba Pro technician. He has been diving in Tofo for over 9 years. He has been infatuated with the animal kingdom since childhood, and before becoming an instructor he was heavily involved in a myriad of marine research studies right here in Tofo. Now enjoying the management and teaching side of diving, he is still the man you’ll want to see about any obscure random fish you will on your dives - guaranteed Ross will know it.


Toni (Antonio) is one of our divemasters. He was born and raised in Tofo and started his training in 2016, by 2018 he had completed his divemaster. He is a certified Scuba Pro technician and is learning to skipper. 


Florinda is out front of house extraordinaire. Born and raised in Maputo and moved to Tofo to raise her 2 kids, she runs the reception at Tofo Scuba. Don't let that smile fool you - Florinda is truly the brains behind the operation. If you need anything from a locker key to Portuguese lessons, she's your menina!

All the staff
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The Boys and the Girls!
The skippers – Fernando (Five) and Manuel are all excellent skippers and have been on these waters for years. Our compressor operators, Jorge and Tinga, work with both Nitrox and air fills and are frequently seen walking around with their ear protectors on!
Jerry can be found dropping the boats with the tractor and Orlando will usually be found fixing something!
Argentina our cleaner will make sure our shop is spotless.