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Marine Research Project and Divemaster internship

Join All Out Africa Marine Research Centre and Tofo Scuba for this incredible combination! 

If you would like to gain knowledge of the marine environment and the species that occur here, contribute towards cutting edge research in our citizen science program whilst also working your way towards a Divemaster qualification? Then the All Out Africa Marine Research Centre internship program, partnered with the Tofo Scuba Divemaster program, is for you!

Spend 3 months in Tofo, Mozambique. Your first 2 months will be spent as an intern with the All Out Africa Marine Research Centre, learning and assisting in our citizen science program.


You will learn about all the marine megafauna of the area including the biggest fish in the ocean: the whale shark. You will learn and contribute towards our ongoing research projects including turtles, manta rays, many shark species, seahorses, stingrays and many more. During the 2 months of completing the Marine program, you will also complete all the courses required to start the Divemaster program.


Entering your third and final month, you will be fully prepared with all your marine knowledge to smash the divemaster course full time with Tofo SCUBA dive centre. Accommodation is covered throughout the 3 months. Food is included only during the Marine project. 

Divemaster and Fish
Equipment set up
Diver and Manta Ray

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