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Distance to Travel:     21km

Approx Travel Time:   45 min
Depth:                         22 - 28 m
Qualification:             Advanced +
Bottom Time:             Nx 32 min / Air 21 min






This reef is shaped like an L, formed by two ledges with craters and large swim-throughs.

As the name implies it is wild and untamed and totally unspoiled as it is seldom visited.

Because it is so far out the visibility is generally very good and the reef is teeming with both reef and pelagic fish.

It is also one of the very few places here where leopard sharks are seen. 

Other shark species you may see include Whitetips, Grey reef, Black tip reef shark and scalloped Hammerhead. Mantas and spotted eagle rays are also sometimes seen on this site.

Because of the distance we have to travel , we only do this dive when sea conditions are perfect,

and we pair it with a second dive afterwards (double dive trip).

This is a drift dive but because of the shape of this reef and the currents,

it can be a difficult dive and is therefore only recommended for experienced divers who can descend quickly.

Amazon Reef
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