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Chamber of Secrets

Distance to Travel:    12km

Travel Time:               18 min
Depth:                        14 - 18 m
Qualification:            Open Water +
Bottom Time:            45 min



















This reef is shaped like a horseshoe. At 14 meters around the top and 18 metres around the base it forms a ragged wall lined with 6 swimthroughs and numerous overhangs and caves. The center of the horseshoe is a flat, white sandy area frequented by Blue Spotted Rays, Blue Stingrays and Whip-Tailed rays.

This is the best inshore reef we have found. As the name suggests it is full of surprises. Covering a large area it is a reef worth diving twice, once to focus on the wildlife and once to do the funky swimthroughs. 

Wildlife is typical of the area and depth: Morays, Lizardfish, Trumpetfish, Lionfish (Common and Clearfin), Scorpionfish, and a multitude of reef fish. It is also the reef with the best chance of seeing Whale Sharks on Scuba, as it is right in the path of the migrating Whale Sharks.

As we use this dive for OW qualifying dive 4 there are many opportunities to dive here. Two chances may not be enough.

Chamber Of Secrets Map
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