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Distance To Travel:    16 Km

Approx Travel Time:   40 min

Depth:                         13 - 18 m

Qualification:             Open water +

Bottom Time:             45 min










EN1 is a dive site we don't often get the opportunity to visit - it's the only reef in Tofo

where its current is strongly effected by tide, and so can only be visited on a slack high tide.

The site is named EN1 after the main road running through Mozambique,

as it looks as though slabs of rock have been placed there, like a brick road.

EN1's low lying rocks lend itself to many of Tofo's cryptic species who can camouflage well among the rock and sand. Crocodile fish, scorpion fish, stone fish, torpedo rays and flounders love to hide among the rock.

The big draw for EN1, though, is the honeycomb whipray; a stingray with a beautiful honeycomb pattern to its dorsal surface and a tail almost 3 times it's disc width - up to 5 metres long!

EN1 Map
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