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Distance to Travel:    3.5 km

Approx Travel Time:   5 min
Depth:                         14 - 16 m
Qualification:             Open water +
Bottom Time:             45 min








Fingers is so called for it's finger-like projections making the main reef.

It's a site suitable for dives 3+4 of the open water course, often spoiling new divers to an array of macro life.

Banded boxer shrimp, leaf fish, nudibranchs and frog fish are often spotted here clinging on to the reef. 

Within the protected fingers are sandy areas, ideal for torpedo rays, kuhl's and the occasional Jenkins ray.

South of the main reef lies 'Fishy Rock',

which is technically a manta cleaning station (although unfortunately mantas aren't seen here)

The cleaning station holds the cleaner fish species -

wrasse, damsel fish, anthias and purple lyretails crowd the surface of the bommie rock,

which has a window-hole where striped eel catfish schools hide.

Given the group of divers has particularly good air consumption, it is possible to link Fingers and Salon dive sites by swimming along rocky pathway that joins the two dive sites, making one extremely long and scenic dive.

Fingers Map
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