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Giants Castle

Distance to Travel:    6km

Travel Time:               10 min
Depth:                        26 - 30+ m
Qualification:            Advanced + , Nitrox recommended
Bottom Time:           Nx 30 min / Air 21 min



















Giants Castle is named after a mountain peak in the South African Drakensburgs, and for good reason -

it's impressive wall and abundance of ocean giants make the name well deserved.

Giants castle is a 6 metre tall wall running for two kilometers more-or-less north to south. 

When conditions are right this is a fantastic dive and often overlooked by divers

who don't realise what an amazing experience can be had at our closest deep dive site.

The crenellated wall is inhabited by huge potato groupers and features several Manta cleaning stations.

A proliferation of game fish are often seen here: Great Barracuda, Kingfish as well as various rays

(Manta, Eagle, Devil, Blotched, Kuhl's) and Bowmouth Guitar Sharks.

This the site we go to when there is strong currents in the area - the topography of Giants compliments the predominant north-to-south currents making it an ideal drift dive along the wall.

The memory of descending through tornado-like schools of giant trevally is unforgettable.

This is why Giants is a Tofo Scuba favourite.

Giants Castle Map
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