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Distance To Travel:    18 Km

Travel Time:                35 min

Depth:                         24 - 30+ m

Qualification:             Advanced +

Bottom Time:            Nx 34 min / Air 26 min





















Dropping down to an amazing bommie rock just off the main section of the reef

we have the chance to encounter the majestic Smalleye stingray and often a large honeycomb moray.

As we approach the main wall, which drops down to about 28 meters,

you will come across a beautiful archway which we can swim through.

The top of the reef runs from about 23-26 meters which has two huge cleaning stations,

these provide all the cleaner fish a chance to clean both Giant and Reef mantas.

Large green turtles are a common sighting which you can find hiding under the overhangs or flapping to the surface.

Frog Fish can also be found hugging the sides of the reef and garden eels peeking their heads out of the sand.

Clown partner shrimp are also commonly found on the tentacled anemones at Hogwarts.

At the end of the dive site we have a huge swim-through which offers the perfect ending to our dive!  

Hogwarts Map
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