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Manta Reef

Distance to Travel:   16 km

Travel Time:               30 min
Depth:                        21 - 26 m
Qualification:            Advanced +
Bottom Time:            Nx 50 min / Air 34 min

















Tofo's showcase dive. If you've seen a Tofo dive site on TV, it's Manta Reef.

World famous for its two huge cleaning stations, Manta was first discovered by Carlos do Rocha in the 1960's.

Since then this site has attracted marine biologists, cameramen and divers from around the world.

A gentle drift dive from north to south, you are immediately aware of the impressive biodiversity this reef holds as you roll back off the boat and descend into the middle of an amphitheatre-shape rocky reef teeming with life.

The dive progresses through a series of pinnacles hugged by 'C' sections shrouded in fish.

Back in the day, Manta Reef lived up to its name.

Tofo Scuba's old description stated that

"upwards of ten Mantas can be seen circling overhead"

which is unfortunately not the case today.

Manta Reef has no more sightings of manta rays than any other deep dive sight, which is just 15% of dives.

Despite this dramatic decrease in manta sightings,

the cleaning stations and schooling fish life is still just as impressive as ever and

perhaps 'Manta Reef' would be better described now as 'Aquarium' for it's outstanding biodiversity.

Manta Reef is an ideal stepping stone for those wanting to take their first deep dive and

have their chance to see manta rays and cleaning stations.

It's also a favourite among higher-qualified divers, though, as its' depth means very long bottom times, especially at low tide on nitrox.

Manta Reef Map
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