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Distance To Travel:    13 Km

Approx Travel Time:   22 min

Depth:                         21 - 27 m

Qualification:             Advanced +

Bottom Time:             Nx 35 min / Air 25 min






This is actually one of our newest dive sites in the Tofo area, our very own Dinis Ventura discovered and named this site.

Dinis has sadly passed away and there now stands a tank and regulator memorial in the cave.

The start of the dive really stands out as the drop site has huge green tree corals and beautiful soft corals everywhere! As its one of our dives in the north, there is a possibility to see sharks such as (in order of likelihood) 

Whitetip reef, Grey reef, Leopard and occasionally Hammerhead sharks.

The reef holds numerous cleaning stations which allows us the chance for both species of manta,

big potato groupers and the smalleye stingray cleaning.

Towards the end of the dive we find a huge cave where we can find Blotched fantail rays, Jenkins rays and Pink Whiptail rays. Occasionally leopard sharks and a big loggerhead and/or green turtles also hang out in this cave.

The occasional giant frog fish have been spotted as well as Spotted Eagle rays and Devil rays gliding past overhead. 

Reggies Map
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