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Rob's Bottom

Distance to Travel:    16 km

Travel Time:                30 min
Depth:                        24 - 30+ meters
Qualification:            Advanced +
Bottom Time:            Nx 28 min / Air 23 min
















Robs Bottom is a playground of fish species and throughout the dive you will find yourself looking in all directions. Schooling reef fish smother the reef which is covered in potholes,

which are ideal hideouts for morays, shrimp, lobsters and crabs.

The options are endless with Robs Bottom, in any direction you will find cleaning stations from the drop,

and towards the southern end a bowl with impressive swim through.

A deep water drop-off runs around the edges of the plateau which makes Robs Bottom,

which is why Robs is also known as an anomaly for its unusually high frequency of big-species sightings

(mantas, smalleye stingray, whale shark, other shark species and humpback whales alike).  

A strongly recommended dive for experienced nitrox divers up for an adventure.

Robs Bottom Map
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