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Sherwood Forest

Distance to Travel:     3km

Approx Travel Time:   8 min
Depth:                         23 - 30+ m
Qualification:             Advanced +
Bottom Time:             Nx 32 / Air 24














Sherwood Forest is focused primarily on the stunning main cleaning station, perched on the main dome of rock. Sherwood Forest is so called for its abundance of green tree coral - it's everywhere.

Most likely the green tree coral is the reason for the large cleaning station, providing shelter for the thousands of golden anthia, purple lyretail and cleaner wrasse fish that make the cleaning station.

The combination of all this makes for a very colourful scene. 

What makes Sherwood such a stand out site, though, is the tightly packed blue-line and humpback snappers, the mating pairs of masked bannerfish and, of course, to top off your perfect diving shot, a chance to see giant or reef mantas, the impressive smalleye stingray, blotched fantail rays, eagle rays, huge flocks of mobula rays or, if you're incredibly lucky, a whale shark. 

Watch out for Robin Hood though, our resident potato grouper, he can get incredibly friendly and sneak up behind unsuspecting divers!

Sherwood Forest Map
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