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Distance To Travel:    19 Km

Approx Travel Time:   35 min

Depth:                         23 - 29 m

Qualification:             Advanced +

Bottom Time:             Nx 28 / Air 21


















One of our more breath-taking dive sites that the northern reefs have to offer us.

The range and colour of the corals scattered throughout this reef will literally take your breath away!

In terms of the depth here we usually drop down to 27-29 meters in the beginning

while then moving up onto the reef itself where this can vary from 24-28 meters.


As with all our dive sites in the north we look forward to encounters with sharks.

Here we have the chance to look at Whitetip reef sharks, Grey reef sharks and Leopard sharks.

Probably the best dive site in the Tofo region to look for Spotted Eagle Rays. 

Malabar Groupers, Leaf Fish, Honeycomb Moray Eels and Garden Eels are often seen

from the drop point amongst the scattered reef on the sandy bottom.

Colosseum Map
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