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Praia da Rocha

Distance to Travel:    9km

Travel Time:                20 min
Depth:                        10 - 15 m
Qualification:            Open Water +
Bottom Time:            
45 min



















This reef is made up of lots of huge boulders, all cut away on the bottom to form a maze of gullies and swim-throughs resembling a grotto. A vast variety of soft coral can also be found on this reef. All the usual small tropical fish can be seen. This is shallow reef and is therefore not generally affected by currents but can be affected by surge as the shore side of the reef is a rock face, it is therefore not dived with a large swell. 

This is an easy dive and is suitable for all levels of experience. Especially suitable for those looking for a long, slow, gentle and interesting dive. Will also be of particular interest to the underwater photographer. 


Praia Da Rocha Map
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