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Distance To Travel:   3 Km

Travel Time:               6 min

Depth:                       11 - 16 m

Qualification:           Open Water +

Bottom Time:           45 min 


















Named after its resemblance and similarity to that of a “Beauty Salon” this dive site offers you the chance to have your nails cleaned by a range of different cleaner shrimp. The main section of this reef runs for about 80 meters and ranges in depth from 9 meters on the top to about 15 meters on the bottom. There are a variety of Stingrays on this dive site, mostly Kuhl Stingrays, Torpedo Rays and Blue Spotted Ribbontail Rays. Towards the Northern section of the reef we have two resident Green Turtles, Crocodile Fish, occasional Stone Fish and Spotted Guitar Sharks. Lobsters, Marbled Octopus and Reef Squid occur throughout the dive site as well as Leaf Fish, juvenile Frog Fish, Ghost Pipefish and Orangatang Crabs hiding in little crevices, making this particular reef worth a visit to all divers who are into their Macro life. On occasion however some of the larger marine animals can be seen, this being Honeycomb Whiptail Rays, Leopard Rays and Blotched Fantail Rays hiding on the sandy outer regions.

Salon Map
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