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Table Top

Distance To Travel:    6 Km

Approx Travel Time:   10 min

Depth:                         24 - 30+ m

Qualification:             Advanced +

Bottom Time:             Nx 28 min / Air 23 min





Table Top is the most northerly of Tofo's bay sites.

It is a dive of two halves - starting in the north of the first wall, you'll cut across a plateau mid-way to reach the second wall.

You will see three primary cleaning stations and many green tree coral, as is classic in the bay sites, at the start and end of the dive.

Large white blotched and potato groupers patrol the northern end of the site, sea apples are often seen across the plateau and an abundance of reef fish aggregate along the southern wall of Table Top.

Stingrays love the sandy pockets among the rocks on Table Top,  watch out for both the small kuhl's ray and the 5m tail of the honeycomb whipray too!

Tabletop Map
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